social-media-icons_via_interiors_dementia_design_personalised_space_contentment_cognitive_design_approach_to_individual_care_dementia_environmentSocial Media?

Whilst we’re not  experts in social media or PR, we have been using social media to gain brand recognition and grow the business for a couple of years.

I’ve recently been finding myself being asked by Architects and Property Professionals what’s it all about? So we’ve decided  to post a series of articles about Social Media, this is the first – Twitter – 10 Typical questions!

Why should I Tweet?

The three biggest Goals are:

1. Increased Revenue

2. Lower Costs

3. Improved Customer Satisfaction


How do I Tweet?

1. You set up an account, decide whether you are using the account as the business name or as personal development.
2. Upload a photograph – company logo or a picture of yourself.

3. Strategy think of how you want to position yourself – are you a specialist in a specific area, consider the best ways of communicating this from your individual point of view. 4. You 140 characters to get you point across – therefore you have to get to the point and be concise.
5. Tweet about things you like, ask questions,
6. What is a #Hashtag? The Best way I can describe this is adding a ‘tag’ to your comment, then when others are interested in the subject your are tweeting about they find     you by doing a search.
7. Soon you will be tweeting confidently – and remember as an old friend taught me – if you ask you learn!

8. I would say the best way of using Twitter is to set out a strategy at the outset. Decide which type of people you would like to communicate about what content.

9. If you have decided to use Twitter to promote a specific item or blog you should use a ‘shortener’ my favourite is bi.tly

10. You  communicate with people and promote the things you like, that way others will promote your campaign.

Quality not quantity, if you are fairly new to twitter don’t worry about being the most popular or getting retweets. Get yourself confident, listen to what others are saying any join in!

Once you’re feeling more confident think about using an online tool such as hootsuite or tweetdeck these help you manage and time your posts effectively.
I personally tweet as @InteriorsJane well as have a company account, I’m sure you can guess the link @viainteriors!

We like tweeting about design and construction news as well as Dementia Care, more specifically Dementia Design and healthcare environments ranging from actue hospitals to care homes.

If you have questions please feel free, we’d like to connect with you! 🙂