Via Interior′s continued commitment as a forward thinking professional business has taken another step forward this month. We commissioned a tailor-made QR Code linked to our website. Our QR code now appears on all our Dementia Care Home adverts. A QR Code’s full name is ‘Quick Response Code’ and they are becoming ever more popular as a modern-day marketing tool for companies, as they allow quick access to information about their business, services and products.

If you have a smartphone you can easily scan and read QR Codes with the click of a button using a dedicated app. By scanning our QR Code you are directed to the specific page on our website dedicated to the Dementia Interior Design information and can contact us directly, saving you time; another hassle free service we encourage our customers to try. We believe we are one of the first consultancies to embrace smart technology. Scanning is immediate, quick and easy and saves time searching the internet for a specific company page, website or service.  Our QR Code is attached and we will be delighted if you test  it out.