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Car Showroom Interior Design

We work with you to develop your network and implement your corporate image throughout your sites. We optimise Motor retail Design Identity for the future, creating  you and your customers an experience second to none. We add value by saving you time and cost with our knowledge, we listen to your needs and incorporate these into your design concept.  We live design, every environment we visit, we are aware nowadays car showrooms are not just a place to view vehicles, they provide a sense of being and lifestyle. As your brand guardian and consultant, we create you a branded environment offering you a design identity individual to your brands needs.

At Via interior Design, Design is a fundamental part of our lives. We constantly strive to increase our level of service by analysing everyday environments, ranging from staff uniforms to the layout of a  motor retail space. We watch customers to understand how they react to an environment  and incorporate progressive change into your design identity.

Our client approach is consistent, we produce concepts encompassing your market and business strategy, only after gaining an in depth knowledge of your operation and requirements. At Via Interiors we know our expectations as customers have never been higher to ensure we impart a commercial approach to each and every project we undertake.


“Jane you bring strong dedication and enthusiasm to your role. You have a deep understanding of brand values and are very consistent and honest in your approach to interior design and architecture. We have achieved great results with blue-chip corporate identity and building projects, you are a pleasure to work with.”

Year First Hired: 2003 (Hired More Than Once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative.

N Pearson, Franchise Manager, Audi UK

“I have known you for many years, and I  consider you an integral resource for my business. Whether I client needs assistance in property audit appraisals, a building inspection, or a facelift for our current site, I would not hesitate to refer you. Your discerning eye sets you apart as an effective architectural resource.”

Daniel Evans, FD Audi South West

Car Showroom Environments

Our experience with Car retail environments enables us to develop applications of Corporate Design Identity to building envelopes and internal environments.  You benefit from our specialist knowledge of the Car Retail  industry puts you steps ahead of your competition. Our Brand review process provides your network  a quality service throughout each and every project, saving cost whilst enhancing your customer experience and sense of dealer flexibility to enhance your brands.

Car Showroom Designer

As Car Showroom designers we manage suppliers and manufacturers by initiating KPI’s which we manage and audit to ensure your supply chain performance, is foolproof, competitive, and provides you a cost effective outcome to grow your network. We provide you with the confidence and comfort to implement your brand whilst ensuring it is portrayed consistently, clearly and efficiently.

For a reliable hassle free service, we listen to your needs ensuring your new Car Showroom Design Identity and Environment suits your brand.

“Jane and I have worked together over a number of years, I have always appreciated her practical approach. Jane has this ability to become the client, focusing entirely in their best interests. Employing Jane to manage a contract is almost like buying an insurance policy to guarantee it will be done on time, to budget and to a high standard. Meeting her clients expectations is the least she will accept whilst exceeding them is her goal. In short Jane is a very experienced, safe pair of hands.”

If you feel Via Interior Design approach to Car Showroom Design is of value to your business, please Contact Us 0845 643 68 65.