Effective Dementia Care Design Guidelines for next generation Dementia Care Homes

Effective design provides the basis for a successful home. In commercial terms, good design:

  • improves residents’ quality of life;
  • results in greater staff efficiency;
  • is attractive to purchasers and relatives;
  • incorporates cost-effective use of space;
  • can improve occupancy rates.

The publication of National Minimum Standards in accordance with the Care Standards Act 2000 sets new requirements for designers and providers. The basic accommodation needs of people with dementia are the same as for other residents. However, people with dementia particularly benefit from an environment that provides:

  • small-scale living units;
  • familiar features and a homely style;
  • scope for involvement in ordinary domestic activities;
  • good signage and ‘cueing’ features, for example, by providing well-lit, inviting entrances to day rooms;
  • additional space for daytime activities.

Good Design:

  • meets the needs of disabled residents;
  • maximises independence;
  • enhances self-esteem and confidence;
  • demonstrates care for staff;
  • is orientating and understandable, for example, by the provision of easy visual access to day rooms – for both residents and staff – and by the use of materials and objects of interest as cues for following or ‘sensing’ a route;
  • reinforces personal identity;
  • welcomes relatives and the local community, by, for example, the provision of attractive, comfortably furnished entrance foyers, public and semi-public sitting areas;
  • allows control of stimuli, such as the provision of a separate quiet room.

We are knowledgeable about your Care home and dementia-centric interiors creating an environment which motivates and energises your residents and carers alike. Our work ethos is client focused. We create a fresh approach to your project considering the experience for your staff, resident and the families visiting.

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